Home defense

Approaching your home (Part 2)

Part 2

Welcome back! Continuing from part 1, there is more than 1 way to approach your home. Part 1 focused on approaching per vehicle, and in this part, I will cover approaching on foot, which will be relevant to all the other methods, as you will essentially be on foot when you open a gate. Open part 1 here and make sure you understand the content in accordance with each other.

Approaching on foot:

  1. Try not to visibly show any of the occupants inside the vehicle that you have noticed them. Try to note the color, make, model, the number of occupants, and license plate number. Next, you want to notify someone of this unfamiliar behavior before you try to approach your front gate (see action plan). Cautiously and swiftly approach your driveway.
  2. Immediately reduce your walking speed to very slow, creating space between you and the suspected follower or vehicle. If the vehicle or follower stops or reduces speed to match your speed, call Police services! Try to reach a populated area or some area where you can hide. Notify as many people as you can and be ready to defend yourself until police and emergency services arrive. Always try to increase your speed as much as possible and attract the attention of anyone around you when you have confirmed that you are being followed.
  3. Make sure they know that you are aware of them, do not appear weak or inattentive. If possible. Try to record them secretively. Do not make it obvious that they are being recorded, as this may give them a reason to approach you. Try to create as much space as possible between you and them.
  4. When you are certain there is no threat you can remove all the obvious markings. Make sure to dispose of all rubbish and lose objects in front of your yard.
  5. This can be for more than one reason. If there is any threat, do not approach. Phone emergency services and activate your action plan. When your dog is barking abnormally at the gate, confirm that there is no threat outside the gate and make sure to not let your dog get out. Enter your gate as quickly as possible.
  6. When this happens you can be certain of an attempt of an attack.  Immediately activate your action plan. Phone police service and have them confirm that it’s safe to approach.
  7. Proceed with caution and have your phone ready to call for help when needed. Notify your emergency group/contacts of the situation before proceeding.
  8. Unless you see obvious signs of intrusion, proceed with caution. Notify your emergency contacts of the situation before proceeding. When there are obvious signs of intrusion, phone police services, and your emergency contacts. Wait for police services to clear the premises.
  9. Notify your emergency contacts. Always have a flashlight handy and use it to scan systematically through the premises before approaching your home. Listen for any noise and movement. Start by making sure your main supply box is locked and not tampered with. Once you are satisfied there is no threat outside, move into your home.
  10. This is not necessarily a threat but can easily escalate into one. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Notify your emergency contacts. Do not appear aggressive and move away as quickly as possible.


  • Remove hiding spots such as dense bushes or anything anyone can hide behind.
  • Clear your driveway for more visibility and maneuvering.
  • Keep your driveway well lit.
  • Create a communication group to notify someone when you suspect suspicious behavior or feel uncomfortable to approach your driveway (emergency contacts).
  • If you are returning home after dark, have someone meet you at the gate the same time you arrive, to ensure quick entry.
  • Do not use any electronic devices when approaching your driveway, you should be on full alert.
  • Change the routes to your home daily, to avoid predictable patterns.

How strong is your approach on foot?