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Hello! And welcome to Alpha defense. I am honored to have you visit the site and I truly hope it will be of value to you!

What is this site all about?

This website is all about physical and personal security measures and equipment.

Physical security being all physical measures designed to protect individuals; prevent access to your premises, home, and equipment. And also to defend against any theft, damage to property or physical attacks.

Personal security relates to the measures taken and training obtained to protect oneself from any physical attacks or danger, this includes self-defense training, self-defense equipment, and any other skills obtained or self-taught, such as observation skills and awareness training.

The equipment then being all equipment on the market labeled for use as self-defense or protection against criminal intent.

The aim of this website:

The aim of this site can be broken down into 12 key points:

1.    To encourage individuals to improve their knowledge of security and related issues.

2.    To encourage individuals to take responsibility for their security.

3.    To encourage individuals to enroll in training programs designed to improve their security.

4.    To educate individuals on the importance of proper security planning.

5.    To educate individuals on security-related issues around the world.

6.    To educate individuals on proven tactics and measures to improve their security.

7.    To encourage engagement from professionals to other individuals concerning physical and personal security.

8.    To provide a realistic approach to physical and personal security-related issues.

9.    To possibly develop new tactics and equipment which can improve physical and personal security.

10.    To test-related equipment and provide insight as to the effectiveness of this equipment.

11.    To create valuable resources that can help individuals protect themselves from criminal intent.

12.    To eliminate paranoia and encourage individuals to enjoy their journeys toward a better and more secure life overall!

Why trust my content?

Of course, You might wonder what makes me different from other individuals in this booming industry, and here are my reasons to persuade you into following my content.

I am just a normal Close Protection Officer working in the private industry for over 5 years now. No, I did not join any military or police force, although I wanted to and tried to. I was not granted the opportunity and I was surely not going to quit on my life passion. That is when I started training in the private industry. With a variety of contact sports and martial arts training I worked up to being an Armed Response officer, which led to a tactical officer, and eventually, I found myself being a qualified CPO in the private industry working in RSA. With the crime rate we face daily in this country, it is safe to say there are several highly skilled private sector companies and individuals with adequate experience.

I am no specialist yet, but working in the industry is undoubtedly a deep passion for me. In my journey, I have certainly seen several errors and mistakes being made not only by myself but also by colleagues and employers/employees I have worked with to date. So I have made it my continuous mission to help individuals refrain from making these same errors and mistakes.

As stated previously, I am no specialist and I do make mistakes on my journey, so please do not accept my word as law or hesitate to correct me from your own experiences.

How is the site maintained?

It requires a fair amount of money and a substantial amount of work to run a secure site like this, not to mention the time and commitment to create content on an on-going basis. So, as a result, I will be allowing relevant advertisements on the site.

Thank you!

Thank you for spending time on this site and please feel free to drop me an mail or comment on any of the content.

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